SpecifyApp.com is a platform designed to streamline and automate the distribution of design tokens across different teams and products within an organization.


It's a central, tool-agnostic platform, which means it can integrate various daily applications to collect, store, and distribute design decisions to the appropriate teams in the right format at the right time.

Here's a brief overview of how it works:

  1. For Designers: Designers can connect their favorite design tools (like Figma) to Specify. The platform then monitors and collects design tokens and assets automatically, ensuring control over what is sent to developers and reducing the risk of inconsistencies.
  2. For Developers: Developers can set up tailored transformation pipelines for each project and obtain design tokens and assets from their preferred sources. They can use Specify’s Command Line Interface (CLI) or set up automated GitHub Pull Requests.
  3. For Teams: Teams benefit from having a single source of truth and a continuous delivery system, which ensures brand consistency across various platforms and products.

Specify is essentially seen as a synchronization layer for design data at the heart of a design system. It emphasizes automation from design to code, significantly saving time and reducing manual, error-prone work.

The platform supports syncing tokens from multiple sources to one repository and allows extraction in any structure using its SDK, GitHub integration, or CLI.

This system not only saves time but also reduces errors and redundant meetings, allowing teams to focus more on product quality and end-user experience.

Key insights

  • 💡 Specify is the first Design Data Platform helping organizations maintain a consistent branding with everyone within the organization, revolutionizing brand management at scale.
  • 🔄 Developers can configure tailored transformation pipelines for every project and get design tokens and assets from wherever they want, either by CLI or automated GitHub Pull Requests, bringing a new way of managing brand at scale.
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