Adobe Podcast AI

Adobe Podcast is a suite of AI-powered audio tools designed to facilitate the creation of professional-sounding podcasts and voiceovers.


It offers features such as noise reduction, echo removal, and audio transcription, along with intuitive editing options to enhance the final audio quality.

Some of its tools, like Adobe’s Enhance Speech and Mic Check, are available for free, although they require user login for access. Mic Check is particularly useful as it can analyze your recording setup to ensure high sound quality without professional equipment.

Adobe Podcast is an AI-powered audio recording and editing tool that is accessible entirely through the web. This platform is specifically tailored for podcast production and offers several features to enhance the podcast creation process:

  1. High-Quality Audio Capture: It captures each participant's audio as individual tracks in high-quality 16-bit 48kHz WAV format, ensuring clarity even if internet connections vary during recording.
  2. Pre-edited Royalty-Free Music: The platform includes a collection of soundtracks suitable for podcasts, including intros, outros, transition sounds, and background music.
  3. AI-Powered Speech Enhancement: Adobe Podcast offers a feature called “Enhance Speech,” which allows users to bulk upload files for processing. This tool can enhance speech quality by adjusting strength settings for a more natural sound, handling files up to 1 GB, and allowing up to 4 hours of enhancement per day.
  4. Integration with Adobe Express Premium: Users have access to all premium features of Adobe Express Premium, aiding in design and content creation.

Adobe Podcast AI is designed to simplify the podcast production process, making it easier for creators to produce professional-sounding podcasts with the assistance of advanced automation and user-friendly tools.

Key insights

  • 🎙️ Adobe's new tool can make trash audio sound like it was recorded in a professional studio, all for free and without any software or expensive gear.
  • 🗣️ It's important to consider the environment and microphone placement when trying to improve audio quality with Adobe's speech enhancer.
  • 🎙️ Handling noise from mic movement and clothes can be a challenge, but Adobe AI may be able to handle it effectively.
  • 🎙️ The sibilance test can help determine the effectiveness of the speech enhancement tool in reducing harsh sounds in the audio.
  • 🌊 The AI is changing the audio in ways that mimic the quality of a more expensive microphone, transforming the sound of a $5 lav mic.
  • 🔊 The AI can remove harshness and noise from audio, making the overall voice smoother and more pleasant to listen to.
  • 🎙️ The AI-powered audio tool can enhance speech with just a simple upload, making it accessible and easy to use for anyone.
  • 🎙️ Adobe AI is the best processing tool for balancing audio and removing noise, but it may not be 100% perfect.
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