Face Check ID

FaceCheck.ID is a facial recognition search engine designed to find people online using a photo. It utilizes advanced AI technology to search through social media profiles, blogs, videos, news websites, and databases of mugshots and sex offenders.


Here are its main features:

  1. Social Media Profile Search: By uploading a photo of a person, FaceCheck.ID can find matching social media profiles, helping users verify the identity of individuals they encounter online​​.
  2. Criminal Background Check: The platform can search through databases to find mugshots, registered sex offenders, and other criminals, aiding in the avoidance of dangerous individuals​​.
  3. Family Safety: FaceCheck.ID aims to protect families by indexing and finding faces of violent criminals, child rapists, molesters, and other fraudsters, ensuring users can keep their loved ones safe from potential harm​​.
  4. Victim Prevention: The tool offers the capability to uncover catfish, romance scammers, fake profiles, con artists, and more, providing a layer of security for users engaging in online interactions​​.
  5. Face Recognition Technology: FaceCheck.ID specializes in searching by facial images, making it a powerful tool for discovering a person's online presence when only a photo is available​​.
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